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  1. Mindgames

From the recording Music to my Soul

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Music © Bufu Sanna & Jan Meiborg
Lyrics © Bufu Sanna

hallo, how are you
words in my mouth that don’t want to come through
I say I’m fine, just in time
what should I say, ‘cause I’m not okay
I can’t sleep, ‘cause I’m worried
I can’t think, my mind all blurred
can’t see through it, don’t have a plan
that can help me out, doing the best that I can

no way, I will let it take over me
wrote down, all the things I have to do
but for now, there’s nothing more I can do
than have me some sleep and see what tomorrow brings

I can’t sleep, I play my mindgames,
thinking what if, could have been, should have been
make sure, I’m gonna do this right
a happy end and this beautiful smile

I walk a million miles, far away
Gonna play my mindgames
if I can’t get out, I work my way in
I fly away with my mindgames

I can’t sleep....