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  1. Dreams

From the recording Music to my Soul

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Music © Bufu Sanna & Jan Meiborg
Lyrics © Bufu Sanna

you’ve made the wrong choices in life
you keep it up, even when you know it’s not right
you try to live it thru’, ‘cuz it’s the best that you can do

and when you grow older there’s no passion in live
you have forgotten the dreams you once had
but there’s still a part of you
there’s just one thing you’ve got to do

start with loving yourself, there is no one else
who can do this for you
and take all that you got, to make it a lot
cause I believe in you
making believe is the biggest step
in make your dreams come true

you think that you’re trapped in the life that you lead
you’re paralized, for there are mouths to feed
but what is wrong won’t turn into right
fear of change must not survive
secrets will slowly unfold
don’t always do what you have been told
dreams will come true, if you really want them to


make your dreams, make them come true